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What problems are the Nexus project trying to solve?

by UNLV Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Director, Energy Research ...
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Dr. Boehm works with graduate students on the rooftop of the Thomas Beam Engineering Building at UNLV.

A Recap of the Nexus Project in its First Year

Development of renewable energy resources is a national priority, and ...
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How has NSF EPSCoR helped prepare you for your future?

by UNLV Undergraduate student, Darius Jackson I am currently working with the EPSCoR project where I recently just created a powerpoint that is going to get high school students more involved in renewable energy and solar energy. The career I am looking to get more involved in is sustainable/renewable energy where I actually want to learn more about using recycled materials, implementing them in net zero buildings where we could older materials, reuse them without actually taking more resources from the earth… ...
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The Solar Energy Nexus will create a center of research excellence that will help Nevada build capacity in solar energy generation.



Teams of scientists will work to develop sustainable water/wastewater approaches to support water needs for solar energy in Nevada.



Preserving fragile environments is a key focus in achieving benefits from solar energy conservation.

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