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Q&A: Eric Wilcox on Solar Forecasting

By Jane Palmer March 2016 Eric Wilcox is an associate Professor in ...
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Q&A: Jacque Ewing-Taylor on Education and Workforce Development

By Jane Palmer March 2016 Dr. Jacque Ewing-Taylor, the education workforce component ...
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Settled Dust Collector 200%

Mitigating Dust’s Impact on Solar Power Efficiency

Mitigating Dust's Impact on Solar Power Efficiency NEXUS scientists investigate the interactions between dust and solar utilities By Jane Palmer May 2, 2016 As one of the sunniest states in the U.S., Nevada proves an ideal location to generate solar power. But the Silver State is also arid and prone to dustiness and, when it comes to solar panels, dust can be a problem. "It effectively reduces the amount of sunlight that reaches the part of the panel that makes power," says NEXUS scientist Vic Etyemezian, a research professor at the Desert Research Institute (DRI)."It has the potential to reduce the efficiency." In areas of the ...
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Desert Tortoise a

A Big Picture View of Community Solar

Project develops renewable energy economically while attempting to safeguard the environment By Jane Palmer March, 2016 When Valley Electric Association, Inc. (VEA) recently launched a 15-megawatt solar energy generation project in the northern portion of Pahrump, Nevada, the company didn’t just consider the needs of the human population, it also accounted for the long-term natives of the region: desert tortoises. VEA, in collaboration with Bombard Renewable Energy, is currently developing the cooperative-owned project that will supply affordable renewable energy to VEA’s member-owners in southwestern Nevada. It’s an initiative that will utilize union labor from Nevada companies and provide an estimated 200 new jobs for ...
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The Solar Energy Nexus is creating a center of research excellence that will help Nevada build capacity in solar energy generation.
Photo by Stan Shebs


Teams of scientists are working to develop sustainable water/wastewater approaches to support water needs for solar energy in Nevada.


Preserving fragile environments is a key focus in achieving benefits from solar energy conservation.


Researchers are developing cutting-edge technology to enhance Nevada’s interconnectivity between research institutions.
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Economics & Energy

Researchers are developing ways to improve the development and reliability of renewable and solar energy supply

Research Integration

Research integration is being accomplished through four research integration clusters that promote shared planning and discussion of research activities.