Seeking applicants for Program Coordinator

Fantastic Opportunity – Apply today for NSF EPSCoR Program Coordinator Position

Fantastic Opportunity – Apply today for NSF EPSCoR Program Coordinator ...
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NEXUS Student Research Publication & Travel Support

NEXUS Student Research Publication & Travel Support

The Nevada System of Higher Education’s Sponsored Programs Office and ...
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Supporting Science Discovery

Environmental Specialist Scotty Strachan installing equipment for remote monitoring and ...
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Evangelos Yfantis

Solar Nexus Researcher focuses developing a standard for solar energy use

By Megan Neri June 2016 Great work often comes from ...
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Nevada Solar One Site 2004

A Bird’s Eye View of Solar Facility Impacts

Martin Next Generation Solar Energy Site 2012 (post-development) --Google Earth ...
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NERDSatHeavenlySummit 25%

Training ‘Solar Savvy’ Teachers

NERDS 2016 in the Field at Heavenly Summit --NERDS Photo Collection Training 'Solar Savvy' Teachers The NEXUS NERDS program gives educators the tools to teach students about solar energy By Jane Palmer September, 2016 Nevada school students enjoy sunny skies and 'electricity on tap' on a daily basis, but that doesn't necessarily mean they know the association between the two. Enter the NEXUS Nevada Educators Really Doing Solar (NERDS) program, which aims to connect the dots between the Sun's rays and energy production for students, by providing their teachers with a unique educational experience. The NERDS program brings high, middle ...
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Solar Panels Main Image

Issue 02, August 2016 Newsletter

Solar Energy-Water-Environment Nexus in Nevada Issue 02, August 2016 Letter from the Director While sunshine is abundant in Nevada, water is a scarce resource. In this issue of the NEXUS Newsletter you will read about how our NEXUS scientists and students are devising innovative research approaches to reduce the use of fresh water in solar energy production. Research at NEXUS focuses on saving water in every stage of solar energy generation: from washing solar panels to cooling the energy produced. We only have the space to highlight three projects from our portfolio of water-related research in this newsletter but other ...
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Prototype Sky-imaging Instrument

Gaming the Odds on Sunshine in Nevada

Prototype Sky-imaging Instrument -- Eric Wilcox Photo Gaming the Odds on Sunshine in Nevada NEXUS scientists develop weather prediction tools to maximize the use of solar energy By Jane Palmer August 1, 2016 With more than 300 days of sunshine every year, the odds that the weather in Las Vegas will be good to you are in your favor, according to the city's tourist board. Such predictable sunshine reigns across the entire state making it the ideal locale for both rooftop photovoltaic (PV) panels or large scale solar energy utilities. But, even in Nevada, cloudy days can happen. "Northern Nevada ...
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Solar energy project nexus in nevada


The Solar Energy Nexus is creating a center of research excellence that will help Nevada build capacity in solar energy generation.
Las Vegas Wash


Teams of scientists are working to develop sustainable water/wastewater approaches to support water needs for solar energy in Nevada.
Environment project nexus in nevada


Preserving fragile environments is a key focus in achieving benefits from solar energy conservation.
Nevada data portal


Researchers are developing cutting-edge technology to enhance Nevada’s interconnectivity between research institutions.
Economics trends graph

Economics & Energy

Researchers are developing ways to improve the development and reliability of renewable and solar energy supply
Research Integration

Research Integration

Research integration is being accomplished through four research integration clusters that promote shared planning and discussion of research activities.